This article is about the planet in the Norb Network. For the galactic empire, see Verandi Empire.

Allegiance: Norb Network
Capital: N/A
Population: N/A
Star System: Secundus System

Verthandi is the first extra-solar planet of the Norb Network to house carbon-based life, located in the Secundus system.


For more information about the system this planet is in, see Secundus System.

Verthandi is a Host, the second planet in its solar system, and home to carbon based lifeforms. The first planet, Urd, is a large terrestrial planet, that at some point in history collided with its small moon, leaving enormous amounts of iron, but destroying any atmosphere it may have had. The third planet, Skuld, is a gas giant.


There is only one large supercontinent on Verthandi, with just over half of the surface being water.



Verthandi, the cradle of organic life

The Secundus system is the closest one to Primus, and when it was originally decided to occupy a second system, the Norb did not yet have faster-than-light technology, and as such had to settle for using conventional drives to approach the nearest systems. Secundus was one of the three systems which had construction fleets sent to it circa 0 AD, and while it only had three major planets, the proximity made it an ideal location. When the second planet in the system, Verthandi, was found to have an atmosphere, as well as lifeforms of a type that had not been previously encountered, many processing cycles were consumed developing ways to adapt silicon-based Norb technology to the carbon-based planet. For this reason, the other two planets in the system were turned into a Port and Hub to act as technological support for the Host planet of Verthandi. Despite the difficulties with adapting to the new type of organic life, this system was completely converted at some point before first contact with the Verandi Empire.