The Vertical City of Tairela, commonly known as The Vertical City or simply Tairela, is a city on Zeconis, and the capital of Aux Sedonis. Centered around the Jewel of Tairela, a giant space elevator, it has grown over the past few centuries to become one of the largest cities in the Kuhneebo Conglomerate, and one of its wealthiest.


Within a generation of the Aux Acquisition, the corporation of Aux Sedonis sought to distinguish itself with a new capital. The Tairela desert was selected as an ideal location, as its wide expanse provided a large, flat, area to work with, while the massive amounts of carbon required for construction were able to be collected from the nearby areas.

By 3333 AD the Jewel was operational, and by 3370 the majority of landscaping endeavors had been accomplished.


At the heart of Tairela is the Jewel. A space elevator built over several years by millions of laborers and nearly a dozen Arks, it is constructed with a diamond-based sub-nanostructural carbon material. Its name is a result of the material it is constructed with, as it resembles an enormous jewel stretching into the stars. It exhibits a rainbow-like pseudochromatic coloration in the visible spectrum, while sparkling day and night in the infrared spectrum.

Tairela is home to some of the tallest buildings in the galaxy, with a universally-recognized skyline that has been used as the setting for many works of Kongolese fiction in the past two centuries. Nearly every building and Iaddora has been built to feature a unique design, displaying a wide range of architectural styles from distinct time periods around the planet. This includes a famous Christmas Iaddora. It is home to one of the largest Sparkskimming arenas in the Kongo, hosting a grand tournament every Aiyura that rivals the Headstick World Championship in total radio listeners.

The Tairela docks are some of the busiest on the planet, ferrying people and goods all over Zeconis. An artificial island was constructed in 3413 off of the shore, and serves as the location of the Tairela Zoo. Home to all manner of dangerous and exotic animal life, it is visited by hundreds of millions of tourists per year, and provides the city with a cultural heart, civic identity - and a strong financial return on investment.

Towards the north-east of the city lies its famous Wandering Woods. Originally only a thin line of trees, it has grown into a sizable forest. With each passing year, the trees gradually gain a foothold against the desert, creeping its way across the continent. An immense pair of earthen barriers separate the city from the woods, and prevent unwanted growth in the direction of Tairela.

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