The Vibrowasher is a Sirian innovation, being a type of showering unit. Domestic models are roughly the size of a normal shower cubicle. It operates by spraying the user with a fine mist of water, and then using ultrasound to vibrate the droplets - and any dirt - off the body. The frequency of the ultrasound is well outwith the audible range of Sirians and other species of the galaxy. Optionally, the vibrowasher can blow warm air over the user's body, and thereby assist in drying if necessary. Although the idea of such "sonic showers" is not new, the vibrowasher is the first time such a concept was applied to terrestrial situations. They are designed with efficency in mind, as some of the planets the Sirian Union colonised had limited water available. Hence, they use the absolute minimum of water and electrical power to operate. Vibrowashers are also extremely quiet.

The Sirian Army use field vibrowashers which can collapse into an extremely compact form when not in use. These are an expedient means of ensuring proper hygiene in an environment where access to water may be limited. If necessary, the battery can be recharged from such things as a suit of powered armour's power source or LQ-47 recharging point.

In the GalaxyEdit

In the Verandi Empire, vibrowashers are combined with or have replaced traditional showering systems outright. Being cheaper and more water efficient, the vibrowashers are used almost exclusively, compared to other bathing methods, in the Outer and Frontier Worlds.

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