Volun Uprising



Formation and recognition of the Legacy.


Legacy of Delor

Sarken Hegemony

Commanders and Leaders

Ravigan, Legend of Delor

Uldermach Farlande

  • A lot of volun
  • Some raijalresh
  • A few kakkons and sarken
  • A lot of kakkons and dzäwenid
  • Some volun, jiptohr and raijalresh
  • A few sarken

The Volun Uprising was a war of independence waged by the volun of the newly-formed Legacy of Delor against the Sarken Hegemony.


After nearly two centuries of peace, the Sarken discovered the pre-FTL airoth species and invaded their homeworld. Unlike the previous conquests of the kakkon, jiptohr and dzäwenid, the airoth offered little resistance and were slaughtered in large numbers. The volun soon grew disillusioned with the Hegemony and staged a rebellion in 2640, under the leadership of patriarch Ravigan. The other Legends elected him their leader, granting him the title Legend of Delor, and naming their movement the Legacy of Delor.

The UprisingEdit


The war came to a close in 2641, with the Hegemony diplomatically recognizing the Legacy as a sovereign state, and the Legacy ceasing further hostilities. Loyalist volun were granted unimpeded travel to the Hegemony, while in reciprocation the remaining volun who wished to leave the Hegemony for the Legacy could do so.

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