Vruwon-class Battleship
Class Overview
Service: Izeran Empire
Commissioned: 3505
Preceded By: N/A
Built: 35
Active: 35
Type: Battleship
Length: 900 meters
Engines: 7 Ion Engines
Armor: -
  • 10 Shield Generators
  • 3 Auxiliary Shield Generators
  • 11 m plating
Armaments: -
  • 30 Heavy Plasma Cannons
  • 20 Heavy Ion Cannons
  • 15 Missile Launchers
  • 10 Missile Interception Lasers
  • 5 Conventional Laser Weapons
Crafts Carried: -
Crew: 2800
FTL Capable: Yes

The Vruwon-Class Battleship, sometimes also known as the Vrokar-Class and/or the Therra-Class, is the mainstay of the Royal Izeran Space Force's fleet. It is a formidable starship designed with high damage-output and durability in mind.

Although it was originally dubbed the Therra-Class in 3505, the ship class was renamed in 3508 after Ecclesia members expressed concerns about the name being potentially blasphemous. However, due to a series of bureaucratic errors, the ship class was renamed Vrokar-Class - after Sabok Vrokar - resulting in some confusion as they operated alongside the Sabok Fighter-Bombers, which were also named after Sabok Vrokar. In 3510, the ship class was renamed again to the Vruwon-Class, after the Izeran Emperor who overhauled the Space Force in 3475.