The Warring Kingdoms Period was an era in Sirian history that spanned from 2788-2925, or 137 years. It was characterised by near constant warfare, a lack of stable government, and a significant (though ultimately temporary) curtailing of individual freedoms. Quality of life also fell during this period. Though there was no central government, there was a vast number of warlord fiefdoms, all of whom were constantly jockeying for the chance to extend their influence and dominate Sirian space. In the later years of the Warring Kingdom Period, several warlords and their territories came to prominence.

This era ended after the founding of the Sirian Union in the aftermath of the Unification War. Due to its importance to Sirian history, much of their media uses the Warring Kingdoms Period as a backdrop or for inspiration.

Notable Events Edit

  • In 2795, folklore says that Ekea changed hands via an unusual method. The defending Warlord, having newly colonised the planet and anxious to protect it, made a bet with their opponent, Vae Ellurran. If she could beat her at a certain sport, then she could have the planet. Unfortunately, it turned out that Vae was extremely proficient, and the planet duly fell to Vae's forces. The site of the game was named Ellurran Point in her honour, but was later renamed after Siao Ebei conquered Ekea.
  • In 2809, two unknown warlord groups were at war over the planet Cei in the Uhuo system. Looking to lower their opponent's guard (and thereby capture her), one of the warlords gave her counterpart a gift of 28 concubines to be shared out amongst her followers as she wished. Unexpectedly, the other warlord reciprocated the gift. Flattered by her counterpart's generosity, the first warlord ceased hostilities immediately and formed a long lasting alliance with her one time rival. Eventually this led to the saying "a Cei [Uhuo] wedding", which is used to describe cases where events turn out much better than expected.
  • 2877 saw the derelict vessel A-14 drift into Rathunn's star system, getting caught in the planet's gravity well. Local warlords and pirates immediately attempted to claim the ship for scrap or the cargo they believed it carried, as A-14 was widely suspected to have been one of the vassal warships that didn't quite manage to make the journey back to Sirian space. This triggers a bloody skirmish in Rathunni orbit. In the aftermath of the fighting, several ships de-orbit and end up crashing in the jungles that dominate the planet. The victors find little of value, and what is valuable was damaged either in the fighting or during the ship's long drift. A-14's orbit is allowed to decay and it breaks up over an uninhabited stretch of ocean.

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