"One hand lies, one hand speaks the truth, and five are unpredictable."

The Way of the Unpredictable Fist, or Daibo, is an ancient Kuhneebo martial art that dates back to the Dannic Empire. Originally created by Dann the Immortal on Zeconis as a way for her to defeat her simale opponents, it was used as a tool for training Imperial forces for hundreds of years. It is still taught to the personnel of many corporations, while its religious connections make it a popular recreational and competitive activity.

Its moves consist of entering and turning movements that redirect the momentum of an opponent's attack, a throw or joint lock that terminates the technique, and an attack from an unexpected angle. Its emphasis on redirecting an opponent's force to cause crippling injuries makes it one of the less aggressive forms of Kongolese martial arts.

Upon its creation, Dann the Immortal took the title of Fistborn for herself. It has been a long-held tradition that the highest-skilled practitioner of the art takes on the title, and passes it down.

In Popular CultureEdit

Several Daibo techniques have been adopted to the highly popular Novaian Extreme Combat Wrestling. Due to the large impact of the Dannic Empire on many of the corporations of Zeconis, as well as Corrilia, several other promotions also use Daibo-based techniques. These moves include the Bloodbreaker, the Reverse Atomic Hurricane Fist Deluxe, the Overead Flying Oxtobaar Double Delivery, the Corrilian Special, the Corrilian Express, and the Big Backarmed Bursting Barkbark Body Buster - all of which have their basis in classical Daibo techniques.

E66 utilizes Daibo maneuvers as part of its exercise routine.

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