Worldshaker 5
Place of Origin: Aux Sedonis, Kuhneebo Conglomerate
Service: 3536-
Produced: 3536-
Type: Husk
1x XJ-9 Assault Stonethrower
1x QT-2 Pocket Rocket
Mobility Options: 1x 75m synthcord grappling hook

4x climbing stakes

Armor: Phazegen, vigorate, refractive synogen
Powerplant: Unpowered
Height: 1.6 meters

The Worldshaker 5 is a Husk manufactured by Aux Sedonis, and part of the Worldshaker series of husks. With no central power system, it is a low-cost and low-maintenance armor meant to provide additional protection to general infantry. The QT-2 Pocket Rocket and XJ-9 Assault Stonethrower weapons systems are integrated into the husk.

Costing far less than powered armors, it fills the gap between motorized and body armors. In addition to providing additional protection to soldiers who would otherwise have nothing or simply body armor, the embedded QT-2 and XJ-9 weapons systems are used as selling points.



Designed to maximize defense for general infantry without negatively impacting mobility to a great degree, the Worldshaker is primarily constructed with a combination of phazegen and vigorate. An outer layer of phazegen is employed to divert hits, while a core of vigorate is used for sheer durability and resistance to direct force.

The helmet's faceplate is made from refractive synogen to provide protection from small arms while providing visibility.


The components of an XJ-9 Assault Stonethrower are embedded into the left arm of the Worldshaker, while a QT-2 Pocket Rocket is likewise embedded into the right arm. Utilizing a cylindrical forearm-mounted design, both weapons are able to be held invisibly. To minimize production costs and promote compatibility with Aux Sedonian weapons, the arm-mounted weapons accept standard magazines, with four QT-2 and three XJ-9 magazines capable of being installed in parallel. It utilizes an auto-loader system to allow the magazines to by cycled through when expended, while a manual quick-replace allows spare magazines to replace spent ones.

A small pair of back-mounted gas magazines between the lower arms and upper arm provide a long-life gas source for both weapons, and can be refilled using the same. Likewise, a manual bypass allows for a gas cartridge from personal weapons to be used in the event of damage to the tanks, or lack of refueling facilities.


Each leg of the Worldshaker is equipped with a climbing stake, while the back arm has a single grappling hook with a 75-m length of synthcord.


"Shake the world with the embedded QT-2. With the XJ-9, control it."
-Worldshaker Marketing Campaign

The Worldshaker is the most-produced husk from Aux Sedonis, as well as its most-exported.

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