YT-68C Doomstorm Fighter
Class Overview
Service: Kuhneebo Conglomerate
Commissioned: 3498
Preceded By:  ?
Succeeded By:  ?
Built: No official reports
Active: No official estimates
Type: Space-superiority fighter
Length: 17.37m
Engines: 4x Superbooster
Armor: Vuscotrium
Armaments: 2x 22mm Thermal Penetration Cannon

6x missiles

Crew: 1
FTL Capable: no

The YT-68C Doomstorm Fighter is a space-superiority fighter from Corrilia with a distinctive shape and appearance. Made completely out of various crystalline components and composite armor, it is among the lightest crafts of its class in the galaxy. Its lightweight design gives it a significant maneuvering and acceleration advantage over most fighters when combined with the thrust provided by its four wing-mounted superboosters. Its primary cannons and six missiles allow it to take out any small craft that threatens it, and its nine hardpoints provide room for a significant level of user modification, making it a favorite of enthusiasts.

The Doomstorm is built in the shape of an X, consisting of a body and four wings, a pair of cannons mounted on the upper wings, and six missiles on the lower wings. It utilizes Corrilian Vuscotrium armor for high durability and impact resistance at a minimal weight. This gives the ship its signature blood-red color and highly reflective polish.

One of the most-produced spacecraft in the galaxy, it is found in all Corrilian ships and Arks, in the Kongo at large, and exported to other nations. It is also heavily utilized by several pirates due to its "cool" name and "badass"" appearance.

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