Allegiance: Norb Network
Capital: N/A
Population: N/A
Star System: Vyerco System

Yalcron is a Norb Network Port located in the Jiptohri Vyerco System.


For more information about the system this planet is located in, please see Vyerco System.



Yalcron's "bright side"

A barren, low-gravity world almost completely devoid of atmosphere, the Yalcron Node exists as a foothold for Norb operations in the area. Gravitationally locked in orbit around the sun, the surface experiences extreme temperatures while the rest of the planet is encompassed in perpetual night.


Yalcron was seeded with Norb machinery in 3214 as the first stage of systemwide expansion. However, in 3220 a colony fleet from the Jiptohr Empire arrived in the system, marking the start of the Perimeter War between the two parties, as well as the Kaladian Empire. In the aftermath of the war, the Norb relinquished their claims to the habitable planet of the system, but maintained ownership of Yalcron in exchange for assisting Jiptohri colonization efforts.

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