Motto: Shine On!
Anthem: Dream a Dream
Demonym: Yokolite
Capital: Hadeesa City
Largest Planet: Yokolit
Form of Government: Monarchy
Leader: King/ Queen
Governing Body: Cabinet
Historical Era: Intermediate Age
Territory: 1 Star system
Population: 2 Billion
Currency: Doller
Preceded by: Yokolit (Republic)
Succeeded by: Confederate Principalities

Yokolit was a human nation that eventually became part of the Confederate Principalities. The nation, and subsequent Confederate world, was a resort world and home to numerous hotels, preserves, and vacation parks.


Yokolit is in the Lisieux star system, along with Coldeon and Fariceros. Its closest neighbor is the Rémi star system. It is the fourth planet from its sun.

By 2873, Yokolit was allied with the Kaladian Empire. The Second Verandi-Kaldian War began after the Verandi Empire invaded Yokolit. In the Treaty of Yokolit, in 2881, the defeated Verandi abandoned their claims to Yokolit and surrounding systems, marking the end of the Second Verandi-Kaladian War. Yokolit later joined the Confederate Principalities.


Yokolit only ever claimed the Lisieux System as its sovereign territory.