Allegiance: Kuhneebo Conglomerate
Capital: Multiple
Population: 6,000,000,000
Star System: Nee System

Zeconis is one of the two planets of the Kuhneebo Conglomerate, and the most populated. It is the homeworld of the Kuhneebo species.


Zeconis is located in the Nee System.


Zeconis is slightly larger than Earth, having a radius approximately 30 percent longer, and 875,000,000 square kilometers of surface area, of which 428,000,000 square kilometers is ocean.

There are thirteen continents on Zeconis, with seven main landmasses. There are four large island-continents, and three larger landmasses joining two or more continents. The Joroh continent, located in the southern hemisphere, is the smallest with an area of 7,300,000 square kilometers. Inovanri is the largest continent at 67,500,000 square kilometers, and is located at the planet's North Pole.



An Oxtobaar, one of the native predator species of Zeconis.

Zeconis is home to many unique animals, including the Krogh, Oxtobaar, Fissip, Baar, and World Eater. Due to the prevalence of forests and jungles, much of the animal life has developed for life in the trees. Aquatic life has adapted to reside in oceans that contain alcohol in addition to water.



There are thirty-one corporations on Zeconis, with five (Aux Sedonis, Novaia, NAEM, NAMEGOESHERE, and DIFFERENTNAME,) being the five great corporations that are larger than any other two combined.

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