Zehir-Izeran War

3215 - 3220

  • United Stars negotiates for peace
  • Jawaharlal Treaty enacted
  • Zehir-Izeran DMZ established
  • Zehir-Izeran relations are strained for decades

Beta 2X Izeran Empire

Nation of the Zehir

Commanders and Leaders


Royal Izeran Space Force

Star Corps

  • 8000 service-people KIA
  • 5000 service-people wounded
  • 15,000 KIA
  • 10,000 wounded

Severe diplomatic errors, complications and misunderstandings after first contact left the Nation of the Zehir's diplomats offended and Izera's diplomats confused and believing that they were taking a declaration of war back home. The Izeran government, still wary from its hostile meeting with the Kaladian Empire, took no chances and acted swiftly, fully mobilizing the nascent Space Force in preparation for an all-out war.

Space Force fleets were initially successful in their aggressive entry into Zehir space, but their advance was soon halted by the Star Corps, and eventually they were driven back into neutral space, near the Snailian border. Most of the war's battles occurred in this space, with neither force being able to establish a lasting foothold near the other's border. Lasting for five years, the war was largely fruitless as both sides lost ships and personnel without being able to strike at any critical points within the opposing nation's border, and any territorial gains were purely military bases.

In 3220, the United Stars government, wary of the fighting occurring in its proverbial backyard and fearing that the war may escalate and eventually force them to choose a side, convinced both sides to enact a temporary ceasefire and invited them to a treaty negotiation on the planet Jawaharlal. Although negotiations were tense, terms were eventually agreed upon, and the war was declared over.

The treaty stipulated that the space "behind" the US, where most of the fighting had taken place, was to be declared a Demilitarized Zone and that all military personnel and equipment from both sides was to be vacated from the area as quickly as possible. In addition, both nations agreed to not allow any of their ships, private civilians or otherwise, through the zone. Relations were not normalized, however, and no reparations could be agreed upon, so neither party was truly pleased with the outcome.

Powerful trade embargoes were enacted by both nations over the next decade or so, and relations remained tense until approximately 3270, when the then-Emperor of Izera reached out to the Zehir nation in good faith.

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