Species: Kuhneebo
Nation: Kuhneebo Conglomerate
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: (Age 33)
Homeworld: Zeconis, Novaia
Hair color: None
Eye color: Red
Relatives: Lisfinniarareran (sife)
Position: Ambassador to the Galactic Nations
Rank: Ambassador

Chief of Police

Zemarius is a male appointed to represent the Kongo in the Galactic Nations, along with Lisfinniarareran. He is well-versed in all galactic languages, military matters, and various forms of art.


Zemarius completed his Junior Internship several months ahead of time, and instead of performing extra work for another year or two, enlisted in the Novaian Navy. He spent half dozen years sailing the oceans of Zeconis, eventually getting his own co-command of a carrier for three years. On shore leave one day, he met his future first sife, and retired from the Navy to spend the next decade raising a family while pursuing his true passion, art. His sife left him, growing bored with his lack of adventure, and with no more junior interns to raise, he enlisted as the chief of police aboard the recently-constructed Novaian Ark, Niveous, that was due to take its maiden flight. There he met his new sife, Lisfinniarareran. In 3551, after the death of the previous GN ambassador, a friend of his from the Navy was now on the Novaian Executive Committee, and recommended him and his sife for the nomination, which they eventually won.

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